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Our clients already know Susan Sweny, as the incredible director of commercial contracts at Kennedy Cater but we thought you’d enjoy Susan's first blog post, which gives us a sneak peek into Susan’s other interests.

PLC can only get you so far

Right, deep breath and here I go, this is my very first blog. I haven’t even read one let alone written one before. Whilst I get the gist of what a blog is I had to Google what it entailed.  Like any good lawyer I was looking for a template!!! Much to my horror there isn’t one and the advice was to be chatty and write about something familiar to yourself! Cats, white wine, the family dog, I thought – who would want to read about that.   So, I had a poke around the internet to see what logophile lawyers were writing about and thought I would take inspiration.  I must admit I can’t really get enthused about top ten tips for killer drafting or what to take to a meeting apart from a pen and paper. However, what did attract my attention was a blog by Sterling Miller about effective in-house counsel reading A LOT*.

And so, I put down my cat App, patted the family dog and poured myself a large glass of white wine and thought about the books I have read over the years that spoke to me in some way, shape or form.   Here is my list (made short as it could go on forever) along with my nibbles of self-knowledge:

  1. John Grisham (obvs), the Whistler.   American states cannot regulate activities on Indian reservations or tax their occupants, and so casinos are built on the land which raises revenue to support the tribal community with health and education services although not without issue.     I can remember telling my travelling companions this nugget of information whilst travelling around Palm Springs and seeing some of the casinos.  I sounded very knowledgeable (little did they know).
  2. Jane Austen, Persuasion. Anne Elliot is very much a role model.   My favourite line in the book describes our heroine as being “only Anne” but what a woman, apart from one drastic bad decision, she stuck to her guns, was true to herself and didn’t deviate.
  3. Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird.  My first real understanding of Civil Rights issues in the US.
  4. Agatha Christie, all her novels.  I learnt to appreciate that everyone has a place at the table, it is sometimes the most unexpected person in the room with the best idea or with Agatha, the worst idea!
  5. Lynda La Plante, Prime Suspect.  I wanted to be Jane Tennison.   I still do although without her penchant for whiskey.
  6. Anything about spies in the second world war.  That was true bravery and puts me in my place whenever I get stressed by my job.

…………………and number 7) Blogs – you can learn A LOT.

Feel free to send me your list.

*Ten Things: Ten Habits of Highly Effective In-House Lawyers | Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel® (

Susan Sweny is Director of Commercial Contracts at Kennedy Cater.  Susan lives in West Dulwich and is commercial lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in various industries from: banking; utilities; retail; fashion; tobacco; leisure; and pharmaceutical to digital; media, PR; and corporate training.

Kennedy Cater is pleased to announce that effective from April 22, Michelle Eisenberg joins us as Managing Director of Kennedy Cater, Private sector and General Counsel.

Michelle worked at Blue Yonder (a global supply chain multinational company) for seven years as Vice President of Legal and EMEA GC and held responsibilities for global privacy and ESG program. Michelle was instrumental in Blue Yonder’s growth and SaaS transformation. Prior to Blue Yonder, Michelle worked in senior legal leadership positions at Qlik and SAP.

Michelle joins to help KC scale up its private sector division while supporting our clients and staff.

“we are delighted to welcome Michelle to KC. Michelle brings to us her wealth of experience in fast growing organisations as a GC, operational know-how and deep knowledge on how legal services can best support businesses. Michelle joins Kennedy Cater at an exciting time as we continue our journey to transform the legal procurement space and deliver to our clients’ innovative legal solutions”

Peter Morel, Founder and Director of Kennedy Cater

“I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to join such a special company, who always puts its clients’ first. I am passionate about the potential of legal services, when delivered correctly, to enable and fuel the business in reaching its goals. Accessing legal services should be a pleasure, safe in the knowledge that value, efficiency, and quality are never compromised on. I am excited to join KC whose mission is to do exactly that and am looking forward to working closely with our incredible clients and talented staff”

Michelle Eisenberg

Legal departments, regardless of size and type of the organisation, are a busy place. They are the hub of the company. Not one day is the same and the only certain is the unpredictable nature of the day. 

Step in the meerkat of the legal profession: a fast-growing business called Kennedy Cater that promises to save you money and get you better legal advice by connecting you to the best lawyer for your particular issue, often a barrister who accepts direct access clients.

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The Housing Associations’ Legal Alliance (HALA) – a consortium of registered providers set up to drive down solicitors’ fees and share best practice – has added three new members.

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LBLA names successful barristers chambers for £63m legal services framework

The London Boroughs' Legal Alliance has appointed 31 sets of chambers to a legal services framework worth an estimated £63m.

Senior consultant James McLeod said: "We are thrilled to have been involved in such a challenging project, accommodating the needs of ten authorities and delivering the project within seven months. We are very happy with the high calibre of the chambers on the panel and the cost savings achieved for the LBLA members."

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