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Kennedy Cater changes the way in which organisations procure and manage their legal services. Managing external legal providers and the on-going pressure on in-house teams to deliver ‘more with less’ can be complex and time consuming. Kennedy Cater does this in a way that always saves our clients money without ever compromising on the quality of advice or service provided.


Organisations often don’t have either the internal resources or experience to manage the procurement of often complex legal services or develop sustainable in-house operating structures and processes that optimise efficiency and value for money.


Kennedy Cater works with public sector clients in local government, social housing and NHS Trusts, providing comprehensive solutions including the following services:
Spend & Services Review – detailed analysis and identification of sustainable savings and efficiency opportunities
Framework Agreements – compliant solicitor, barrister and legal libraries frameworks
Panel Management – monitoring and reporting of monthly fees
Benchmarking – comparing key costs of service delivery with similar organisations
Contract Management – mini-tenders and management of complex and large legal services projects
Insourcing – in-house team business cases and implementation project management
Alternative Business Models – business cases and implementation project management

Why we are different

Kennedy Cater is a unique consultancy that works only with legal services and only with users rather than providers
We know what ‘good’ looks like and how to deliver it and always save our clients money – at least 30%
Many of our consultants are former senior lawyers with experience in the public sector
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We will always reduce your spend and improve your quality of advice. Call us to discuss your needs
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