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Insourcing Legal Services

Legal services can be a significant cost to an organisation, with external suppliers needing close and effective oversight to ensure that they deliver quality services at a price reflective of the current market. However, even when an organisation has managed to implement effective controls over its external suppliers, there may be significant benefits to be derived from bringing some of those services in-house.
Kennedy Cater produces robust business cases that will address all the key issues:
How much is spent on legal services and in what areas?
How much of the work is complex or straightforward?
At what level is the work resourced and is that the appropriate level?
How much time is required to deliver the work?
What is the basis of existing supplier relationships and is there any appetite for changing them?
What experience does the organisation have of operating an internal market?
What experience does the organisation have of charging?
What alternative approaches might there be to recovering the costs of the internal service?
What is the net financial benefit?
What other commercial benefits might be gained?
What are the risks and disbenefits of in-sourcing?
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